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The workshops below are designed to help parents and/or professionals become more comfortable and confident addressing sexuality issues across a variety of ages and stages.  Topics areas can be offered as separate and distinct workshops (breakout session length for conferences) or combined in various ways to create longer half day or full day programs.

Sexual Learning in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

 This 1 ½ hr. session compares and contrasts sexual learning in the general population with sexual learning in students with intellectual disabilities. Designed to help participants understand unique circumstances in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities that shape attitudes and behaviors around sexuality, this is a great foundational workshop if you are not sure where to begin.

What’s Normal? Sexual Development across the Lifespan 

This 1 ½ hour session covers all aspects of sexual development (physical, emotional, psychosocial) from birth to adulthood. Extra time can be spent on specific ages/developmental stages depending on the needs and interests of your group (i.e: puberty-aged youth, adolescents, etc.)

Issues and Concerns During Puberty 

The years leading up to and into pubescence can create anxiety for many families as their child’s development forces the realization and inevitability of adulthood.  Content for this workshop was developed based on survey data from families enrolling in my parent/child puberty workshops (with kids ages 9-15) and focuses on the common questions and concerns identified by parents.

Sexuality Education for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities

This 2-3 hour session integrates best practice research for teaching sexuality to individuals with cognitive disabilities. Teaching strategies (how do I teach?) along with key foundational concepts (what do I teach?) are presented.  Examples of resources and ideas for teaching at home, school, or in the community are shared.

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