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People in My Life (Relationship Basics)

This 1 hr. session focuses on understanding different types of relationships and the roles these people play in our lives.

Boundaries in Relationships

Building on the above workshop, this 1 hr. session helps participants learn socially appropriate touch and talk boundaries within different relationships. Rules for private body parts are discussed and healthy and unhealthy boundaries are compared and contrasted.

Dating 101 (Basics of Starting a Romantic Relationship)

This 2-hr workshop is designed as an introduction to dating and starting a sweetheart relationship for teens and young adults with cognitive disabilities who are interested in, or have had some experience dating.  Participants will learn dating basics as well as  how to evaluate whether a dating relationship is healthy or unhealthy.


Dating 102 (Responsibilities of Sexual Expression in Romantic Relationships)

This more advanced workshop clarifies the rights and responsibilities of being in a dating relationship.